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About me


 I’m married to my best friend (John) and together we have four amazing children (Andrew, Owen, Tatum and Jett). Our kids are our whole world! Before jumping into the amazing world of photography I taught kindergarten for 5 years. So YES, all of my clients can testify that I am a natural with their little ones during sessions! I have zero problems with being super weird and silly to pull kids out of their shells, which in return gets the absolute best photos that you’ll treasure forever! As your photographer, I promise that I’ll bring along a positive and happy attitude to your sessions. I’ll crack jokes to get everyone laughing and it’ll be a good time. If you think we would be a good fit, shoot me a text or send me an email and we can get to planning whatever type of photography session you’re in need of! 



-Being a mom. Nothing makes me happier than being a mom! It’s so special to love somebody long before you even meet them, and then get to watch them grow right before your eyes! 


-Coffee! I worked my high school and college days at coffee shops around the valley and with that came a total love for coffee. Fun fact: It’s a plan to own my own coffee shop someday! 


-I really love the outdoors. I basically grew up outside. We camped, hiked, water skied, went on lots of road trips, etc… We own a camper and love to camp on the Rim, at the lake and near Williams!  It’s the absolute best way to unplug and enjoy the great outdoors. I am an Arizona Native and absolutely love my state. 


-Food. I mean who doesn’t love good food? I love (in no particular order) sushi, ice cream, pasta, a good taco, fruit and açaí bowls! 


-Photos… and I’m not just saying that because I’m a photographer! I became a photographer because I LOVE photos. I love looking at old photos of my childhood, of my kids, of our adventures, etc. I love that in one single photo a story could be told… moments are frozen... and it’s something you can keep forever and ever. 


-Last but not least, genuine, kind and fun people.  I’m a very real person with my family, friends and clients too! I like a good time and always expect to laugh at sessions. I ask lots of questions and really like to get to know you and I hope that you are like that too! 



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